If you’re an artist or promoter looking to submit music our way you should know the following:

1. We generally share our music through our own audio player. We also accompany the file with a copy for our readers to own and “self-promote” if you will. If specified we will NOT share your file. However, you need to specify what you wish in your email. I just think embedded audio players are a bit tacky so copies of mp3’s for our own audio player are appreciated.

2. We only share streaming samples of short single-length MP3 files. If you have a lengthy mix we would be glad to have a listen and share it in file form, but readers will not be able to listen to your full length mix on our site using our audio player.

3. We love new videos! But I do not host a server large enough to use my own bandwidth to share these things.  If they are on a public server (youtube, vimeo and other public sites that allow video embedding) we will happily take a look and possibly share it as well.

4. We do listen to everything that is sent our way!

But with the imbalanced ratio of submissions to posts, we can’t post everything and remain current at the same time.  Chances are if your stuff is good it definitely stays in our library and will most likely come up later on. We also can’t respond to everyone (personal emails can also sometimes get lost among all the promotion emails) but I love and thank you all for sending music our way!

SEND ALL MUSIC TO:   [email protected]

(standard audio files please = no lame .wav files.)

Thank you in advance for sharing your music and we hope you find what your looking for on here.  If you have any other questions in regards to our posting “rules” send us an email to [email protected].


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