The news section is a way we can provide short quips on anything aerial noise… like new features added to the site, updates on where we are and how things be.

Soundcloud is having compatibility problems with some browsers.
the best browser to use for our site is Google Chrome.
get it here.
(Mar 23.12)

new look debuted today with more features!
chat, listen, download, comment, and enjoy the music.
as always, thanks for coming and continuing to support aerial noise.
(Jan 28.12)

*     *     *     2011     *     *     *

the new wordpress no longer supports our old audio player.
we have upgraded to a new flash player.
direct downloads are still available using the link under the player.
(Sept 28.11)

slowing down for some summer vacay.
expect us to continue to expand and become even bigger in the fall.
(Jul 01.11)

we have been experiencing hosting problems with Bluehost.
to minimize the load time and the potential problems, A/N chat and the weekend playlist
have been temporarily taken off the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.
(Mar 29.11)

our hosting provider is upgrading our account.
limited access may occur beteen 9 PM – 3 AM, March 16-17th, 2011
(Mar 16.11)

Aerial Noise Chat is back up and running.
share ideas, artists and all things music in real-time messaging.
(Mar 09.11)

just scored a soundcloud account!
send us your tunes and follow us there @!
(Jan 24.11)

we have two new contributors to the team!
just wanted to give a shout out to Jon and Matt
expect lots more material coming your way.
(Jan 10.11)

we started our very first mini mix contest!
click here for all the details!
contest closes February 14, 2011!
(Jan 06.11)

*     *     *     2010     *     *     *

the Weekend Hitlist is a playlist of tracks from our archive!
they are perfect to help build your weekend party playlist.
click on the arrow beside the track to go to the post and download the song.
(Dec 25.10)

mediafire links are officially gone!
(except for monthly and yearly recaps)
see the download instructions in left sidebar for help.
(Dec 22.10)

aerial noise chat keeps erasing everyone’s msgs.
i’m working on getting it fixed
hopefully it’s back up by the new year- sorry!
(Dec 19.10)

aerial noise shop is now open!
find the link in the left sidebar to
purchase your official gear!
(Dec 19.10)

aerial noise holiday hours:
dec 25.10 & dec 26.10 (minimal posting)
Jan 02.10 & Jan 03.10 (none – new year turnaround days)
(Dec 16.10)

oops, turns out i don’t know how to format backgrounds…
so i temporarily killed the sweet bg i had up, sorry… at least there’s no more format problems.
(Nov 25.10)

new host = new design.
i will be fine tuning the site all week. stay tuned for updates.
(Nov 09.10)

i moved and the internet has finally decided to join me.
woulda been back sooner if people didn’t start password protecting their shit.
(Oct 19.10)

did anyone else just feel that wordpress hiccup?
wtf?! we are still here tho, for a whole new year!
(Aug 29.10)

Still slurring a bit; hopefully the typo’s stay minimal!
woot, woot!
(Aug 29.10)

birthday weekend!
I may not be back until Monday Aug 30- sorry in advance.
however, keep the submissions coming. I love hearing new music!
(Aug 27.10)

I absorbed some old posts from my old blog 317 electro, enjoy!
(Aug 06.10)

with the new craze I added Like buttons to posts…
this will start June 18.10 and be retroactive to posts as far back as June 06.10
help spread the music by telling your facebook friends!
(June 18.10)

we made it into the elbows community!
check us out there for all things aerial noise and more.
find the link in the ‘network us’ section.
(May 20.10)

we want to know what you all think…
therefore we added the rating system- simple thumbs up/down concept.
let us know so we can gear our posts towards your ‘likes’.
(Mar 18.10)

just for the record…
our bandwidth resets on the 25th of every month (direct downloads return then).
i just financially cannot keep up with the traffic that has hit us in 2010… my bad? haha.
(Mar 12.10)

direct downloads has hit the maximum allotted monthly bandwidth.
all files can be downloaded via a standard mediafire link through their page.
all music downloads are still marked with a handy little ♫ icon.
(Mar 11.10)

daily posts will return in a month;
(university degree crunch time),
we’ll have random posts and a few round-ups going up all March!
(Mar 02.10)

want to watch music videos? no problem;
view all our videos in one sweet location,
check out the new ‘Videos’ section in the ‘Search By Genre’ tool bar!
(Jan 29.10)

things are now all good in the hood;
we’re back and running. Happy 2010!
(Jan 05.10)

aerial noise is suffering from small
connectivity problems!, therefore
our start to the new year may be delayed 24 hours.
(Jan 04.10)

aerial noise has finally added Twitter to our look!
we will include updates on new posts and music info;
all while adding in a dash of biased opinions.
(Jan 01.10)

*     *     *     2009     *     *     *

aerial noise holiday hours:
dec 25.09 & dec 26.09 (minimal posting)
Jan 02.09 & Jan 03.09 (none – new year turnaround days)
(Dec 14.09)

facebook mini-feed updates will stop
over the christmas period.
Dec 21.09 – Jan 01.10.
(Dec 05.09)

new interface and audio samples
are up and working. please report
any problems.
(Nov 27.09)

be friends with us on myspace,
networking is fun!
(Nov 22.09)

now follow us via facebook &;
get mini-feed updates on posts!
(Nov 05.09)

direct linking up and working!
simply click and save, or;
right click, save as, designate file!
(Oct 25.09)

direct linking should be working soon!
don’t forget to bookmark us.
(Oct 25.09)

aerial noise is up and running!
(Oct 23.09)