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aerial noise is an online MP3 music project independently promoting electro, disco, disco-house, dance, dub and funk music. In a nutshell, we try to introduce new and old music from genres and artists that do not get much exposure. We do this to let people discover new artists, fall in love, buy their CDs and go to their shows.


  • Gain access to all of our domains. (blog, email, twitter, facebook, soundcloud, and more!)
  • Have their content featured on some of the leading music promoters and aggregators across the globe. (hype machine, elbows, MOG, the noise collective, we are hunted, and more!)
  • Write what you want, when you want, about your favourite artists.
  • Can utilize the many promotional offers we get ยป free shows, festivals, MP3’s, albums, and more!
  • Are shown how to embed music, content, and videos using our servers.
  • Influence our Monthly Top 5 and Yearly Top 100 countdowns.

Aerial Noise is completely free to join.

You write as much as you want and when you can.

No obligation. No previous experience necessary.

Help us expand our site by sharing your passion for music.


please forward any remaining questions to: [email protected]

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