Instead of relying on intuition and insight to be that inner-edge to reveal the truth behind any current issue or problem, the inaccurate trend seems to rest more on what others tell each other – and to instead – embrace the ever-complex logic of paranoia and misdirection.

If a poll has been cast and all the votes have been legitimately counted, don’t complain about the overall outcome – and especially more so, if you didn’t even cast a vote in the first place.

Sub-letting tenants (or anybody by that matter) who gradually reveal their real, selfish, hidden personality and greed-based mindset will always fail miserably by karma, or the truest form of judgement known to man.

Now that the roll call of customary rants is complete until next time, Eluusif puts his ears to the ground and hears a couple of electro house vibrations that are worth your frank attention. Zedd, Empire Of The Sun, Mat Zo and Crystal Waters get the space invader glossed-up shine.

Yazid Le Voyageur, Insix and newcomer Buddy Rogers provide the additional audio brilliance.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Zedd x Empire Of The Sun x Mat Zo x Crystal Waters – Gypsy Is Alive (Eluusif Mashup)


Coming via Paris and Strasbourg, French producer Sovnger is coming with all guns blazing. Taking the safety cap off with vengeful behaviour, Sovnger provides a hammer blow called ‘Ash.’

|   Tracklisting:   |   Power Of The Brain Mix   |

00:00 to 01:13 – How To Use The Brain More Effectively (Intro)
01:14 to 03:42 – Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix)
03:43 to 06:30 – Para One feat. Jaw – When The Night (Logo Remix)
06:31 to 09:28 – Daniel Avery – Reception
09:29 to 11:30 – Just Regular Guys – What We Do
11:31 to 12:18 – Anything Maria – Cook Him Up
12:19 to 14:19 – Dark Sky – Shades
14:20 to 18:51 – Alt-J – Something Good (The Subs Get House Remix)
18:52 to 20:08 – Etienne de Crecy – Positive Radiation
20:09 to 22:41 – Malente & Zero Cash – Jail Babe
22:42 to 24:00 – Zombie Nation – Blueberries
24:01 to 27:52 – Vakkuum – Sonar (The Sneekers Remix)
27:53 to 28:23 – French Fries – Space & Smoke (Justin Martin Remix)
28:24 to 29:40 – Riton – Girls In The Hood
29:41 to 31:12 – Jackin With The Drums – Enormous
31:13 to 33:53 – Dubai High – WMGU
33:54 to 37:28 – Sharam Jey – Dispad (Sovnger Remix)
37:29 to 41:57 – Felix Cartal – Domo (Etienne de Crecy Remix)
41:58 to 47:20 – Peaches – Burst! (Bart B More Remix)
47:21 to 51:45 – Tom Vek – Aroused (Van She Remix)
51:46 to 52:44 – How To Use The Brain More Effectively (Outro)

Scratches by Sovnger


When you wholeheartedly know what is right, it is immediately easy to see what is clearly wrong. The Browsers from Paris know that there is a path of hefty hard work laid out in front of them, but they are both refusing to lie down and to give in.

Throughout the war of the narrow-minded, and the battles of the socially-inept worldly blockers, the real winners will prevail. An if you’re finding it hard at the moment (no matter what field you’re in) then just know.. that you WILL win and that giving up is NOT an option. You will win. Always.


Reborn for 2013, Ted Nilsson, CJay Swayne and Errol Reid take the Crystal Waters & Neal Conway written, Basement Boys produced 1991 classic of ‘Gypsy Woman’ – and cover it spectacularly as a fresh house & garage cut called ‘Homeless.’

Sharing the bill (from Amsterdam) is Martin Garrix’s amazing cut entitled ‘Animals.’ Fuelled with all the energy from a war that the a**holes and witches with never win (in a typical 9-5 work environment), ‘Animals’ triumphs over production evilness any given day of any week.


MARTIN GARRIX – Animals {Preview}



MARTIN GARRIX & TV NOISE – Just Some Loops (Soundcloud Edit)

CJAY SWAYNE – Sweetest Taboo (Original Mix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**

FLUME – Holdin On (CJay Swayne’s Cut & Shut House Edit) **FREE DOWNLOAD**


Bo Cendars


Supported by Ruckerz Music, Bo Cendars returns back around our corner with an on-the-money uptempo number called ‘Como Tú Quieras.’ Ruthlessly floor-active, this has all the power to make you move.

As one would say to the bartender.. more of the same please Bo!

Before the realms of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks and the Bermuda Triangle were contemplating the idea of creating a spawn from the DNA chromosomes of Kardashian and West, that fictional dream was only the thought of unreality and folklore. Now that those idealistic threads have been shattered into the grains of non-fiction, we can only shudder to pre-empt the fallout from what this newly born pressure will add to such an inexpressive, unmarried unity of categoric characterless fibre.

Cralias’ rescues Mr West from further tales of self- delusion by incorporating a lengthy time-stretched vocal re-touch and some growling sub bass underneath. HipNeck introduces to us to a very familiar world of eclecticism under the banner of How It Used To Be Done, and Michael & Leven and Stiven Rivic’s glorious (and we mean glorious) ‘Route 85’ is the equivalent of your most-favourite drink of all time served on a three minute and thirty-eight sample bed of digital houseyness.

Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Route 85 (Tom Glass Remix) is released on 8 July 2013 on Perspectives Digital.

|   Tracklisting:   |   HipNeck : Elevator Music Mix   |

1. Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire
2. Jungle – Platoon
3. Cosmo Sheldrake – The Fly
4. Jagwar Ma – Exercise
5. Asher Roth – Pass That Dutch
6. Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind
7. Jose Gonzalez – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)
8. Big Boi feat. Little Dragon – Mama Told Me
9. Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me
10. Portugal. The Man – Atomic Man
11. Wise Blood – Alarm
12. Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Flume Remix)

Just in case anyone was wet-around-the-gills or still learning about the real side to the industry known as business & e-commerce, it IS official folks – not all – but a several amount of corporate-incompetent beings that actually have the misfortune to draw the same breath as you & I (i.e. certain individuals that represent themselves as H.R. Managers or as an under-qualified, inept existence as a flawed/abhorrent company trainer) are indeed a bunch of career development blocking, amoeba-ridden spool of soulless bastards.

All those in this era by which we call the 21st Century (who actually get the honour of being called an employee) should grasp every opportunity that they can (authentically) and to not to use their role/title/mindset to hinder, block or manipulate THE TRUTH for their own paranoid & selfish, sadistic greed.

Taking you back to a modern time where things were lot more easier to understand once hindsight OR insight had been applied, Aisha Zoe & Rich Main’s (AZ&TOR) ‘Sit Back,’ and Golf Claps’ ‘Had Enough Chances’ (MTDL #13 release) have more inner house & garage meaning than plenty of the few female/male homosapians who practice polishing their masks and duality hats + belts every day.

What Goes Around ALWAYS Comes Back Around.

Look In The Mirror And Ask Yourself Has Anything You’ve Done Lately Actually Been Worthwhile Or Meaningful.

Don’t Sell Yourself Out. EVER.

What Side Are You On? The Right Side, The Dark Side Or The Deluded Side?



An excited hush washes over the darkened arena, intense anticipation filling the air as thousands of world-weary club-goers await the spectacle about to ensue. After a hair-raising intro conjuring an edgy, dystopian future.. Boom! White-hot lights illuminate the two electronic dance music heavyweights onstage together, and now, they are ready to do battle. Each one is a superstar DJ and producer in his own right, but Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz put on a show so electrifying that the impact is greater than the sum of its parts.

What began as a few spontaneous DJ sets between good friends and collaborators has grown into a hybrid stage persona after which discerning electronic dance music fans lust. The result is the New World Punx (NWP), the high-energy DJ duo consisting of Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten. The name derives from Markus Schulz’s hit, ‘The New World,’ and Ferry Corsten’s massive anthem, ‘Punk.’

Each with his own distinct style of DJing and music production, Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten create an utterly different world when they team up as New World Punx. The NWP sound is harder, more driving and more aggressive than the melodic, euphoric style of soaring trance. Whether they are side-by-side onstage, or in the studio releasing music under the NWP moniker, Corsten and Schulz’s combined persona is much tighter and more dynamic than the longer, more progressive sets they’re known for playing solo.

The NWP show is something their fans have come to demand, and the act’s evolution came about entirely organically. The initial seeds of inspiration for NWP were born during Schulz and Corsten’s back-to-back set at Godskitchen in Birmingham in March 2012, evolving into tag-teaming sets at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) at TAO Beach in Las Vegas, and Echostage in Washington D.C., the latter a mind-blowing seven-hour gig that was broadcast live in the U.S. on SiriusXM Radio.

*  *  *

Presenting their first single called ‘Romper,’ New World Punx carry on emphatically from where they left off.

Available to download for free by clicking HERE.