On 24 June 2013, 95 Royale will release his new EP called “Deli Luvin’.” In the meantime, his own rendition of ‘Take Me Back (I’ll Do Whatever It Takes)’ goes long and hard with the filters, and epically strong with the driving bass. Safewords’ Sonar-inspired near 90 minute DJ mix serves house/techno music with more purpose than a person who interrupts you when you’re about to start a lengthy piece of work, and Insix rides down a road we’re not quite used to during his 60 minute DJ mix which is full of tempered breaks and slowed down electronic pressures. An-Ten-Nae concludes with an chilled out lullaby, sung beside a quite otherworldly Lana Del Rey.

|   Tracklisting:   |   Safeword: Day Turns To Night (Sonar 2013 Promo Mix)   |

1. Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio – Be Like The Sun [Circus Company]
2. Scherbe – Endlezz Cinema [Uncanny Valley]
3. Stimming – Cherry Blossom [Diynamic]
4. Uner – Bonheur (Part 1) [Cadenza]
5. Alex Barck – Re-set feat. Pete Josef [Sonar Kollektiv]
6. Solid Groove – This Is Sick (Safeword Edit)
7. Christopher Rau – Weird Alps [Smallville Records]
8. [a]pendics.shuffle & Dilo – Drifting Away (Kenneth Scott Remix) [Mo’s Ferry]
9. Andre Bratten – Aegis [Full Pupp]
10. Mario Basanov – Bill [Needwant]
11. Omar Souleyman – Shift Al Mani (Crackboy Remix) [Versatile]
12. Butch – Desert Storm [Desolat]
13. Safeword – Elephants [Mobilee Records]
14. Uffe – All I Did (Jon Convex Remix) [Pets Recordings]
15. Safeword – Himalayas [Mobilee Records]
16. Legowelt – Elementz of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1) [Clone Jack For Daze]

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