Released on Knertz, 5-piece (sometimes 6) German band, fnfn, have kindly sent us their latest “fnessnej” LP which is packed with more alternative twists & turns than the Autódromo Juan Manuel Fangio race track in Buenos Aires.

Joyous towards tropical flavours and enhanced by including some alternative four-to-the-floor indie electro / electronic breakbeats, fnfn move their secret style through that special keyhole marked light and shine.

Heard throughout notable tracks such ‘der letzte auxweg,’ ‘spiel das wissenschaft,’ ‘wimmelbuilder,’ ‘fortress of vier’ and ‘goodbyte,’ we’ve selected 5 from the 9 featured on “fnessnej” and have brought you them as an Aerial Noise Exclusive. fnfn is sure to test your resolve as well as your taste for full in fibre, alternative crunch.

fnfn are: Philip Koslowski, Nico Petry, Emanuel Bechtold, Benjamin Bascom, Adrian Woodhouse (Visuals) and Lolo Blümer (Studio Man).



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