Kitted with Haute couture and Jean Paul Gaultier fashions, Ali Stone’s ‘Bliss’ includes the kitchen sink, the en-suite.. plus the free miniatures you would get – inside a mini bar from any 5 star hotel worth its service.

The Chainsmokers still haven’t given any thought about giving up their money-draining and dirty second-hand-smoke, polluting habit, but in the meantime they harass Say Lou Lou’s ‘Julian’ until a refreshing progressive bar of nicotine gum is served.

Montreal’s Wet Paint clip ‘n’ check their way into breaks-ville hotel, while Matt Fax steps out of his comfort zone with an low-end ambient experience called ‘Untrust.’

SPOONZ’s ‘Fantasies Of A Robot’ touch the goldeneye of cosmic techno and electro, whilst BASHtones’ “Flirt Orange EP” presents a pick ‘n’ mix selection of house, Hed Kandi piano staples and a chopping boards worth of garage music that Ministry Of Sound or Studio 54 angels would seek after.

ALI STONE – Bliss (Original Mix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**

SAY LOU LOU – Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**

C2C – Down The Road (Wet Paint Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**


SPOONZ – Fantasies Of A Robot **FREE DOWNLOAD**

BASHtone – Flirt Orange (Original Mix)

BASHtone – Flirt Orange (Kovary Remix)

BASHtone – Flirt Orange (Yaaman Remix)

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