Every God given fortnight, the glorious faction known as MadTech Records (via their imprint MTDL) present a free download that aims to plunge you into those different genre pools that exist around us, whilst acting as a forward-thinking platform to showcase one-off tracks to the world without the commitment of a full EP.

From the late night vibes of Aaron Lipsett, to the vintage garagey tones of Shoot The Ghost, MTDL’s downloads feature many of the familiar-sounding staples & sounds that you’re quite used to – plus a few of those surprising + exhilarating swishy intersperses that flutter in & out when you least expect it. Including tracks from Lee Webster, BNRY and two über-astounding golden nuggets from producers Golden Boy and Unit7, MTDL13 cannot come soon enough.

To find out more about MadTech Records, check out our previous articles – HERE. For your free download, click ‘Free Download’ on any of the Soundcloud embeds below. Download Polkadot – ‘Wasn’t Like That’ – HERE.

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