Futurecop!’s next package of synthesizer wealth comes in the shape of two striking remixes from Swedish tastemakers F.O.O.L and Azure Blue.

F.O.O.L’s five minute-plus journey on ‘Misanthropist Wolf’ leaves all handbags and manbags at the door with mind-blowing reverb and ear-crunching bass use.

Azure Blue on the other hand, opts for the keyboard equivalent to multi-layered canvass art and compliments the original by extending Futurecop! and Kristine’s stems into a ‘Superheroes’ world of sunshine and analogue rainbows.

Futurecop!’s next album: “Hopes, Dreams & Alienation” is forthcoming soon.


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2 Responses to FUTURECOP! – Misanthropist Wolf (F.O.O.L Remix) / FUTURECOP! – Superheroes (Azure Blue Remix)

  1. DeltaFoxx says:

    Amazing song and coool remixes!

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