George Air from Perth, Australia opens up this showcase with a substantial transient Rhye edit that is as instrumental as a theatre hall filled with love.

Louis La Roche absolutely smashes it home with an April 2013 radio show that features a killer track by Mason, while Monsieur Adi tells-it-how-it-is via Jamie N Commons’ ‘Rumble And Sway.’

André Allen Anjos (aka RAC) keeps the alterative dance heads in glee with his remix of Capital Cities and Poundrowdys puts another disco-pie into the oven with his take on Bag Raiders ‘So Demanding.

Bo Cendars’ “Craic Be Mighty Bootleg Recordings Vol 1.” is down n’ out for now, but number two begins a crazy & unique work-in-progress. ‘Navi’s Riddim’ and ‘My Cock Rages On’ are his next two examples.

Tracklisting for Louis La Roche’s April 2013 radio show – HERE.

MCRO. Bo Cendars

Bo Cendars

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