Hold on to your panty-loons, extra small britches and any short undergarments, as Spiller returns to Nano Rec for a smooth & horizontal disco wiggle, coordinated by a funktastic dropdown that has more thrills than any 150 feet ride. Italian-stallion Bottin, satisfies those night-time hungers with a very loose and jackin’ remix that opens up a staggered ‘n’ light bassline, airy guitar licks and an engaging choice of keys & stabs. The Supermen Lovers goes head over heels with the inclusion of even more chords, refreshing a wicked Spiller Original that is full of filters and Baileys liqueur liquid-surges. Spiller’s shootin reprise is the cherry on top of an already buoyant surprise.

Spiller’s ‘Urastar’ music video (feat. Nina Miranda) was shot and directed by photographer James Mollison.

*  *  *  *

On a road trip through America we heard about a kids beauty pageant in Texas. We had been looking for a star for a track Spiller had just made with Nina Miranda, and thought we would check it out. The girls were mesmerizing in their sweet candy clothes, but there was also something disconcerting about them (some as young as toddlers) competing to be the most beautiful.

It all felt right with lyrics of the song “I am a superstar, I am so glamorous … new temptations are everywhere, would you like some confidence tricks … it don’t matter what you say coz I’m a star”. We set up a camera in a side room of the pageant, and in-between when the girls where performing their talents, or parading in different outfits, we asked the girls to come in and see if they could sing along to the song … this is what happened.

– James Mollison

SPILLER feat. NINA MIRANDA – Urastar (Spiller Original Mix)

SPILLER feat. NINA MIRANDA – Urastar (Spiller Dub Mix)

SPILLER feat. NINA MIRANDA – Urastar (Bottin Remix)

SPILLER feat. NINA MIRANDA – Urastar (The Supermen Lovers Remix)

SPILLER feat. NINA MIRANDA – Urastar (Spiller Shootin Reprise)

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