With all of the veritable chart fodder, auto-tune misdirection and overly used phrases & refrains dealt out over a collective amount of mainstream releases entering the UK Top 40 / Billboard Top 100 of late, it is with continued relief that tracks & producers like ‘I Love It’ and Style Of Eye help trailblaze an alternative avenue for real, credible music that will last for a lot longer than a mere year or an active trend.

Arguably one of the few dance tracks of this past year that can be called a bonafide 2012 anthem, Stockholm’s Caroline Hjelt & Aino Jawo (as Icona Pop) and London’s Charli XCX have delivered this year’s Martin Solveig’s ‘Hello.’ Combined with a plethora of supporting remixes, Dutch masters Sick Individuals provide an ongoing Tiësto-like crescendo, Skitzofrenix carries on the Netherlands Midas touch emphatically, whilst Vatican City’s Fukkk Offf engulfs our ears with top end drums – followed by Apocalypto powering up the cannons spiking off maximum low end gain.

Belgian Steven Redant packs in more tribal flutter than Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” while Sweden’s Style Of Eye dropkicks a XXX-rated bomb from out of sky and destroys all clones and drones marked as Justin Bieber, Flo Rida and all scientologists branded 666.

Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX – ‘I Love It’ gets Aerial Noise’s Single Of The Month award for December 2012.


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