From his humble beginnings amid C64 & Amiga 500 sound creation.. right through to Cubase, Yamaha CS1X and Logic Pro sequencing techniques.. TAKEYDO has become his own unique brand & force to be reckoned with. Mastering the art of editing, mixing, writing and recording, TAKEYDO streamlines these babies with more conviction than two wet behind the ears 16-year-olds, who are hell bent in creating their first child.

TAKEYDO does it with gumption – and executes these nuggets with style. Bang-Tidy!

TAKEYDO – Tatem (Original Mix) {Preview}

TAKEYDO – Porter (Original Mix) {Preview}

TAKEYDO – Deadlock (Original Mix) {Preview}

TAKEYDO – Soldier (Original Mix) {Preview}

TAKEYDO – SnowWhite (Original Mix) {Preview}

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