Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia is our next stop on tour to showcase this up & coming, new world order lyrical rap group known as The Hated.

Named like a bunch of carefree and unbreakable cowboys, Leeze The Kid, Vitals and Griffin Brain, challenge you to take a walk over to their neighbour of no-holds-barred hip hop – and to pick a face to face friendly fight with 15, no pretence flavoured tracks of soulfully harnessed grenades and an album worth of dynamically executed pearls of wisdom.

Having ‘Big Dreams,’ ‘Fire Flame,’ ‘I Need That,’ ‘Like What,’ ‘Hide Your Jack’ and ‘Just Another Mystery’ as six examples of The Hated’s calling of vocal stimulation, this is yet another reason why The Hated’s space mountain is open for all – and especially so, for all those ladies of substance who are looking for a specially unique ride.

“The Next Level Mixtape” is available for free by clicking HERE.
“Partynoise Mixtape” is available for free by selecting each of the tracks & clicking ‘download’ below.

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