Aeropsia’s next and abundantly personal instalment of ten perfectly pitched canvas paintings turns out to be a gracious sword-temper of multiple brushes & strokes – which begin with an emotional ambience adrift a lake of tranquillity, and conclude through a waterfall of varnished steam and electronically buffed sprays.

“Lost In Static – Extended & Remastered” for new and residing fans, dares to open up the portals of reflection and takes you into its stronghold of challenges and idyllic sentiments.

Even though that each and every amulet of Aeropsia is equally unique in its own way, a special harmonious mention is needed for ‘Gliese’ and ‘IDW2DWU,’ as those two rubies are a subtle example of logical progression that even LTJ Bukem and Nightmares On Wax would be proud of.

Shangri-La has been re-visited and all thanks to Dane Ostrander aka Aeropsia.

“Lost In Static – Extended & Remastered” LP is available to download for free by clicking HERE.

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