More eccentric and quirky than our dear friend Der König Tanzt is on stage, Paul Mangan as the Clockwork Orchestra sculpts a well thought out 12-track album that hits the borders of experimental, thought-provoking electro.. and the edges of bedtime story telling + wintertime candle flickers.

Memorable moments of Clockwork Orchestra’s “Friends Without Names LP” are instantly: ‘Accident’ – which has a slight swing of ‘Girls’ by The Prodigy about it, ‘As The Whirligig Spins’ which we’ve covered back in May, ‘Strawberries And Blueberries’ and ‘Zebedee’ which go through a piano & strings play off – and the track ‘Black Ice’ that strikes up the tempo skilfully and uses Fischerspooner as its nearest and dearest stockbroker.

C.O.’s ‘Paper Purse’ video is directed and animated by Anne-Sophie Rosenvinge Skov. Created by using a variety of assorted paper off-cuts and other found scraps, this type of mysterious animation explores the themes of an unresolved fairytale, the echo of a triangular heart beat and the art of sinking ships and temperamental clockwork mechanisms.

There is more food for thought here than Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

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