Belgian based Smile Recordings and Dutch independent label Spinnin’ Records have formed an impossible allegiance and have teamed together to make an effective business partnership.

Smile’s #008 label release from producer Mickey & vocalist Billie, takes a wickedly modern electro-flip through two incline roads named Funky Fat & Little Loud, and an original weekend fragrance that is as Balearic and as reminiscent as Helen Marnie is from Ladytron.

Smile’s #007 release with Jeremy Glenn is strictly party-time personified. The two mixes that instantly stand out here are the extended mix and the night dub, but if those are somehow not to your average standard house music, then there are three other mixes from Marcos Cabral, Rambla Boys and Safari to choose from.

Todd Terje enhances a vintage rock number even further by making everyone jovially sing the lines to ‘Happy Together’ – concluded by Smile Recordings’ #7 podcast laying down some low-tempo electronic funk like an eye-opening led orgy of real music enthusiasts.

A positive addiction to sound = Smile Recordings, 100%.

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