Back during a time where nearly every music video that was being conceived & aired was being perceptively made – and certain video directors and artists went that extra mile to support and to tell their own individual story within their music video that matched, complimented or re-enhanced that already created buzz of that originally penned song.. the mere thought of MTV selling its root core ideal out with the approval of such programmes as Teen Mom, Jersey Shore and 16 & Pregnant, was only a mere twinkle in a snotty nosed baby’s eye.

Alternative, indie and ferociously rock-minded, we take you back to an ageless era where the craft was raw and the final output was legitimate. This mere amoeba of a visual snapshot gets a full maple leaf salute for even more endless plays and future tales of most memorable folklore.

All four of these past & present bands are thee (yes, with two e’s) absolute bomb through and through.

#Primus – Too Many Puppies
#Whale – Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
#Soulwax – Caramel
#Sloy – Pop

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