Whilst kissin’ the girls and makin’ them cry, Decky Hedrock (from The Japanese Popstars) has embarked on a solo project of self discovery where is goal is to continue developing new techniques through his ever nurturing sound and to cement this vision under his side project mantle called Sirkus Sirkuz.

Being seen as an unconditional loved-up mission, Sirkus Sirkuz aims to be a body of nurture and an embodiment of growth over time. With several releases already available through GND Records, Skint Records and 9G Records, there are a few more productions up Sirkus Sirkuz’s sleeve that are scheduled for release in December 2012 and January 2013.

On Sirkus Sirkuz’s primed n’ marked Shadow Dancer melody of ‘Build / Use,’ Decky transforms the world around you from a Kevin Bacon endorsed commercial parody into a down-right, unadulterated expedition of acid techno making this as mouth watering as freshly picked orange.

The expert randomness carries on over with maximum spillage through his “Let’s Play Hard DJ Mix” and his angelic bootleg on BeatauCues’ ‘Slow Down.’ ‘Rapier’ touches base with an unbroken density that troubles those dormant dancing feet into an active stance for the next two hours straight.

“The Trilogy EP” crown jewel experience makes a cry for world supremacy through ‘Plastic Explosive’ and ‘Telefunk’ emphatically, while all of his recent dabbles into remix terra firma contain homeland traits, elusive progression strings and attractive chord phrases & stabs.

Sirkus Sirkuz turns his imagination into the perfect package.

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SIRKUS SIRKUZ – Rapier (Radio Edit)

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