Less presuming and impudent than an injudicious, ill-advised, foolhardy human equivalent of a female buffalo.. (that’s a cow if you did not know Ladies & Gents) Kids With Weapons return back to that top emphatic draw with an enlightened outlook on the human species.. a audio coaxing down of the sometimes reached befuddlement, and the perplexed but simple celebration of robot wickedness, and non-fictional astonishment.

Continuing uncompromised in their own spirit and within the perfect clarity of Daft Punks’ original footing (which is a’la great, a’la distinguished and minus the a’la: WTF? kissin’ those buttocks occurrences..), K.W.W. and Prototype Platinum reach for the stars that are always spectacularly immense.

Kids With Weapons stick one boot in – but Daft Punk reach around for one hefty matched ankle-lock manoeuvre.

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DAFT PUNK – One More Time (Kids With Weapons Bootleg Remix)


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