The Los Angeles based producer Blazin put hip-hop drums against prismatic synths on his last beat tape, “Night Career”, and it’s two parts “Raw Like a Circular Saw” and “Relics of Psychedelics”.  Blazin has hooked up with his cohort (whose name I find to be genius) TuskegeeCadet on his latest mixtape, “Keep It 100”, a title that connotes the rhythmic artisanship you can expect from the pairing. All beats were handcrafted by Blazin and TuskegeeCadet, with Blazin handling mixing duties. TuskegeeCadet also helped out with some mind expanding visuals in the form of a promo vid…


Keep It 100 Mixtape by Blazin


Blazin – Makings of a Tyrant (0:00)
Tuskegee Cadet – Keep It 100 (1:11)
Tuskegee Cadet – Metaphysical Visit (3:35)
Tuskegee Cadet – Get Yourz (5:07)
Blazin – Change Your Flight (6:13)
Blazin – Pickatitle (8:33)
Aaliyah – We Need a Resolution (Tuskegee Cadet RMX) (11:05)
Blazin – Criminal Mistake (13:40)
Tuskegee Cadet – Minus Well (15:39)
Blazin – Rechargeable (17:40)
Blazin – Ex Marks the Spot (19:38)
Blazin – Irreconcilable Differences (21:38)
Tuskegee Cadet – Soon Enough (23:34)
Laroo Ft. Keak Da Sneak – Grand Daddy Cali (Tuskegee Cadet RMX) (25:39)
Tuskegee Cadet – Masala Surprise (27:09)
Blazin – Second Chance (28:33)
AG of DITC ft. 950plus – Cocktail Party Talk (Designed by Blazin) (30:12)

Tuskegee Cadet & Blazin – Get Yourz/Change Your Flight from TuskegeeCadet on Vimeo.

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