Stemming from the picturesque Prague in the Czech Republic & Budapest, Hungary between them, Treitl Hammond and Malibu Breeze have perfectly captured the essence of the ever ongoing summer time spirit and have wrapped it up nicely in their own unique style of European electronica and native born influences.

Tom Boxer’s own country leaping dominance with ‘Morena‘ in Romania, Poland and Israel has already landed him the always-coveted number 1 spot in their own respective music charts, so as an up n’ comer still in his own right on these ocean shores, these remixes by Hammond and Breeze paint this Original into a far superior light. Roll on the summertime!

Tom Boxer feat. Antonia – Morena (Treitl Hammond Remix)

Tom Boxer feat. Antonia – Morena (Malibu Breeze Remix)

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