The demise of the BK scene has been greatly exaggerated….mostly by me. The well of progressive thinking is apparently far from dry, as evidenced by Dynasty Electric, an alluring duo crafting veiled pop-songs adorned with elements of electronica, punk, pop and psychedelic rock. The first name that came to mind during my initial listen of the sultry “Golden Arrows”? Of course, hip-hop mogul and former Rockafella front man, Damon Dash. The guy has a strong history of aiding and abetting talented artists from Brooklyn, right? While Dynasty’s synthesis might baffle less visioned producers, Dash had Ski Beatz lay some conspicuous drums over Dynasty’s electro-pop melodies, and vocalist Jenny Electrik’s sensuous croon.

Electrik recalls Alison Mosshart and Karren O when it comes to an impossibly alluring female presence,  whose vocals never seem to waiver against aggressive instrumentals. While her impervious swagger captivates the room, pretty much everything else is done by Seth Misterka. Misterka, whose varied career has seen him working with everyone from jazz experimentalists Anthony Braxton, William Parker, and Jonathan Zorn to indie rockers Hot Chip, Shy Child, and The Fever, is responsible for multi-instrumentation and songwriting, as well as the grueling layering and mixing process involved in developing Dynasty Electric’s dense and undiluted arrangements. Even with such meticulous production, the sound is fun, light and perfectly danceable. The genres being blended here don’t always integrate smoothly, and the results are hardly as delightful as, for example, “Electric Love” that you can enjoy in addition to the vaguely psychedelic “Golden Arrows”. These two are really going to explode in the near future so watch for live dates that should be forthcoming…

Dynasty Electric – Golden Arrows

Electric Love w/ special guest Brian Chase of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs by dynastyelectric

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